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Certified Business Coach


More and more in today’s business environment Business Coaching is becoming a necessary service. Like having an accountant or legal representation, a business coach, helps you meet goals, holds you accountable and provides practical solutions for everyday challenges.

One-size-fits all training programs, and expensive consultants no longer suit the rapid growth of business and technology needs. Only through a customized and personal approach, with an ActionCOACH Business Coach at your side, will your business see real results



Inspiring the children.

After experiencing a family tragedy and saving his daughter Brazyl's life by administering CPR. Brandon Ward's entire life was turned upside down as he experienced depression, PTSD, and fought to cope through the aftermath.  During this time he focused on his daughter's recovery and studied self development. Through the pain he discovered his passion of uplifting, empowering, and encouraging others to get happy and become their best self.

Class Room Presentations and Small Groups

Public speaking in classroom. Building the youth.

Brandon loves to speak in classrooms where he can engage each member of the class individually encouraging them to become their best by working hard and making conscious decisions.

Community Involvement

Reading to the elementary children.

As a community leader, Brandon's top priority is the empowerment of our children and sparking creativity. He stresses the importance education and attaching knowledge and skill to our gifts.

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Brandon at Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club

From Pain to Purpose

The teens at the Boys and Girls club had a great experience receiving a dose of inspiration from Brandon's stories and life lessons. We look forward to our next visit this July.

On June 19th Brandon spoke to the teens at Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas NV.
On June 19th Brandon spoke to the teens at Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club in Las Vegas NV.